The Frugal Author

“Where we publish our works in the most frugal ways possible.”

To be completely honest, I might actually be a cheapskate or a tightwad. But I prefer the word “frugal.” I try to do everything frugally. So when it came to writing, publishing, and promoting my book, I wanted to apply my frugality to those efforts as well. In this blog, I will describe to you my frugal practices used to write, publish, and promote my book, and will honestly report on what’s effective and what’s not. I’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t, so that you can learn from my trial-and-error.

Please provide your comments and questions along the way; I will attempt to answer them all. And who knows, your inquiry may prompt my next blog post.

As of the writing of this welcome page, I have completed the writing of my book, a fictional novel. I am poised to publish on Amazon, ready to click on the “publish” button. My blog posts will thus begin with describing my frugal writing and editing processes, and will then proceed on to the publishing phase, followed by the promoting phase, when those events occur. Of course you already know about one of my frugal practices, that is, publishing frugally (for free) on Amazon (aka Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP). I may let you know some of how that’s going as it happens very soon.

I’m hoping for good things for you, my fellow frugal author. We’re in this together.

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