Corrections Needed: Time For a Second Edition


You have successfully published your book on Amazon, using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Yay! And you have sold dozens of ebooks, and a grip of paperbacks. Double Yay! But then, your friends and relatives come to you saying things like, “Dude, did you not notice that you misspelled the word ‘friends’ throughout your whole book?” It turns out your main character’s friends are all fiends. Now what do you do? Don’t despair–It’s just an opportunity to offer a second edition of your book!

In my case, there were a few minor typos pointed out to me (e.g. my main character encountered a dear rather than a deer). But the two more glaring mistakes were (1) way too much space between the lines of text, and (2) the lack of page numbers in my paperback version.

BTW, do not be offended by people’s feedback about your mistakes. Rather, be grateful! They are helping you improve your work of art, making it potentially more respected by more readers, and thus potentially increasing your sales. You should be rewarding your volunteer editors with candy!

Once you have your corrected manuscript prepared, you can upload it to KDP, replacing the existing document with your new pristine version. Go to your “bookshelf” and find your book there. See where it says “Kindle Ebook Actions” and “Paperback Actions”? Just to the right there’s a button with three dots (“…”). Hover over that button with your mouse cursor. There you will be able to choose “Edit ebook content” and “Edit print book content.” Those choices will take you through the steps to upload your new manuscript. That process takes only a few minutes, but then there’s a wait for KDP to actually perform the update and make your new book available. Potential readers may have to wait up to 24 hours for the new edition of your book, so be sure you’re ready for that slight delay. Only once, though, did I have someone tell me that they went to download my book and couldn’t get it. I told them it was in the process of updating to a new edition, and to try again the next day. They did, and got the new edition of my book just fine, with all my corrections.

Amazon and KDP allow you to make additional corrections at any time, giving you opportunities for unlimited editions, at no cost to you. As a bonus, you can announce your new edition on social media, giving you another opportunity for free promotion. (More on frugal promoting in upcoming posts. It’s too bad that I cannot provide a link to a future post, here. See? Click on the word here and nothing happens. Harrumph!)



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